Egg Beater


For us today, cooking foods must be now done in a faster way specially in the morning w/c is very hectic. One of the examples w/c we cook fast and easy is fried egg. But one thing we found out is this, why bother using a manual egg beater when there’s an electric one?


A hand mixer is a small, lightweight handheld device that usually has two stainless steel whisks for mixing and folding cream, eggs, cake mixtures, cookie dough and more. There are many advantages to owning a hand mixer, including ease of use, portablility, and cost

This is an electric egg mixer. It takes time to beat an egg. It is lack of accessories.


This is an electric egg beater. It is easier and faster to use. It’s disadvantage is it cannot be used during brownout. Because an electric beater is a machine with various settings, you can control how thick or how thin your substance turns out, allowing you complete precision of results. You simply select a speed for the electric beater and the proper mixing attachment and supervise the bowl of ingredients, watching as they reach the desired level of thickness. If you’re following a very exact and intricate recipe, an electric beater is crucial for creating the most exact level of thickness or thinness.


An electric hand mixer makes quick work of mixing a cake, cookies or other dishes. Proper maintenance of a hand mixer requires cleaning both the mixers and the case to remove stuck-on food. Before the electric mixer came along, beating eggs and mixing cookie dough were done by hand with a whisk or spoon. Beating heavy cream into whipped cream was almost considered an event due to the effort and time it took. Thankfully, there is now a small kitchen appliance called the electric mixer that does most of the work for us. 🙂


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